Native Youth Futures students in kitchen

Native Youth Futures

Our Financially Independent Project wants to be your pathway to becoming financially independent!

If you are interested, eligible, and participate in this program, you can SAVE part of your earned income for post-secondary education. We will match those savings 8:1 to multiply funds available for your education, turning your savings of up to $250 into $2,250 for your education!

To Qualify, You Need to Be:

A current post-secondary student, a high school graduate who is interested in pursuing higher education, or a high school junior or senior.

To Participate in This Program:

Participants must already be working, or available to work a part-time paid internship and households must meet income requirements and share proof of income information with project staff.

What We Provide:

A way to save earnings for college in an Individual Development Account, which will be matched 8:1, financial skills training, mentorship, career coaching, Twenty-First Century Skills development opportunities, field trips, and more!

Program Sponsors:

Native Youth Futures is funded through grants from the US HHS ACF—Administration for Native Americans, Assets for Independence, and support from local funders.

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